Research and production

Dedicated ourselves in making high stability LED chips.

R&D Intention

Committed to the development of high-reliability LED product solutions, let the light pulse LED illuminate the world, and contribute to the world's energy saving!

GMKJ research department

Guangmai has more than ten professional R&D personnel with Ph.D. as the core of the Institute of Optoelectronics, all of whom have more than ten years of LED industry technology research and development experience.

High quality raw material

The raw materials adopt A-brand raw material suppliers and develop products with high-reliability packaging technology to seek to meet customer needs together with customers.

GMKJ production line

Guangmai Technology adopts imported fully automatic production equipment. The company currently has more than 30 SMD die-bonding machines, with a daily die-bonding capacity exceeding 30KK; there are 65 imported SMD wire bonding machines, with a daily wire bonding capacity exceeding 35KK; low-speed and high-speed There are 18 powder ordering machines, and the daily powder ordering capacity exceeds 30KK. Guangmai Technology now has 120 production lines.

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01-Die Bonding

02-Wire Soldering

03-Phosphor Injection

04-Bin Sorting

01-Die Bonding 2

02-Wire soldering 2

03-Glue injection

04-Reel Package

Quality Management

Guangmai integrity creates quality, the concept of quality winning the market and the ISO9001 quality system control quality. The quality is strictly controlled from the expected, and the workshop production and the extremely low mobility of quality personnel are guaranteed, and the quality is very stable.

LED stabilibity test

Quality control

R&D Achievement
Since 2014, it has been the best visiting and learning base for Alibaba Orange Camp. In 2011 and 2013, it was rated as a member unit of the Integrity Convention by the Enterprise Confederation. In 2015, it was rated as a 4A-level Chinese Quality Credit Enterprise Unit. In 2018, it passed the IPR implementation standard. Enterprise, won the National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise in 2016, was named China LED Pioneering Enterprise Award by China Lighting Association in 2016, passed the Intellectual Property Standardization Enterprise in 2018, GUV LED sterilization and disinfection device technical specifications excellent in 2020 Participating units and companies have obtained more than one hundred invention patents and utility model patents.
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

ISO9001 Report

ISO9001 Report

UV Free EN62471

UV Free EN62471

Full Spectrum Report

Full Spectrum Report

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