Up To Date! Osram Expects To Be Completely Delisted At The End Of September, And The Sale Of The LED Power Supply Business Has Been Completed

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In March 2021, ams and OSRAM formally merged, the company is named ams OSRAM Group, and formed two major business segments: semiconductor (Semis), lamps and systems (L&S), the revenue accounted for 65% and 35% respectively. The semiconductor business segment includes the original businesses of ams and Osram Opto Semiconductors, while lamps and systems include Osram's automotive and digital businesses.

So far, ams OSRAM Group is still streamlining and perfecting the company structure, while deeply integrating the businesses of both parties.

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Osram's delisting plan takes two steps

On May 3, ams announced that it intends to issue a delisting offer to acquire approximately 28% of the remaining shares of Osram at a cash consideration of 52.3 euros per share. After delisting, Osram's stocks in the regulated market will stop trading.

Foreign media reported on June 23 that ams OSRAM disclosed details of Osram’s delisting plan at its Austrian headquarters, that is, Osram’s delisting will be carried out in two steps, and it is expected to be from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on June 30 and September 30, respectively. The stock exchange and the Munich Stock Exchange were delisted. Currently, OSRAM stock "OSR" has ceased trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In addition, the public delisting offer period in May is from May 21 to June 18. Ams finally acquired about 7.2% of Osram's shares, increasing its total shareholding in Osram to 80.3%.

Digital system business sale transaction completed

ams OSRAM said that the delisting is conducive to streamlining the group structure. At the same time, the group is also further integrating the businesses of both parties, focusing on the field of chip-level optoelectronic semiconductors. This is evident from the divestiture of some non-strategic assets.

On June 4, ams OSRAM announced that it would sell its North American digital system business (DS), including LED power supplies, to Acuity Brands, a major lighting manufacturer. On July 1, ams OSRAM announced the completion of the DS sale.

Prior to this, ams OSRAM had sold its digital system plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Sanmina, a foundry in San Jose, CA.

At present, ams OSRAM still retains the Fluence plant lighting, industrial lighting, entertainment/cinema lighting, smart building lighting and general lighting business Traxon in the digital business (DI).


In any case, the strategic positioning of ams OSRAM Group is very clear: Group operations focus on the four major applications of consumption, automotive, and industrial-grade medical care. Product development focuses on emitting components, including LEDs (Mini/Micro LED, UV LED), lighting equipment, EEL/VCSEL, lasers, sensors, detectors, and integrated optical components and solutions.

It is worth mentioning that ams OSRAM is optimistic about the market development prospects of emerging applications in the LED industry such as Mini/Micro LED and UV LED. Among them, Mini LED backlight semiconductor products are already on the market. The UV LED part has expanded its layout through the acquisition of Bolb, and more new products are expected to be launched this year. (Text: LEDinside Janice)

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